Primary School

Why H2H?

Human to Human is a bilingual (Polish and English) primary school  located in the Ursus district of Warsaw. It is a school where learning goes hand in hand with comprehensive education and upbringing as well as support for Multidimensional Development

Human to Human School’s mission and educational goals

  • The human face: At Human to Human School, the child is in the center of attention: with their interests, strengths and weaknesses, emotions, needs, questions, problems… Because every person has many dimensions, and they are all equally important
  • School with a friendly atmosphere: Students are taught openness to other people, cooperation and mutual respect and responsibility for your actions. A mediator and personal development trainer ensures that every student feels good and safe here
  • School that teaches independence and independent thinking: Teachers at Human to Human are guides to the world and wise advisors. In addition, the tutor supports each student in development, helping him/her to find their strengths and based on them to plan educational goals independently
  • School where you can develop your interests: Judo, ceramics, music? The school does not provide a full list of available extracurricular activities, because it is… open. Human to Human School doesn’t want your child to be limited – they prefer to follow their students’ needs
  • Equal opportunities school: Scholarships are funded for the most talented students who cannot afford private education. Human to Human School believes that the world we live in depends on our children’s education
  • The school you want to come to even on holidays: The school organizes summer classes also open to the local community (and the kids love them)
  • Students are at the center of attention: The school consults important decisions with the student community. Everyone has the right to mistakes, expression and self-expression. The school teaches assertive communication, constructive statements. Each student is looked after by a tutor who, in cooperation with the parents,  motivates him/her to develop

At our school we believe in an education that explores new and open philosophies for learning. We have highly qualified staff in areas of Sciences, Arts, Math, and Languages (native speaker of English from the USA) who work together to find creative and fun ways to teach their students. Students will feel welcomed in our inclusive school where both the staff and students are encouraged to speak openly and honestly to one another.


  • Human to Human is a bilingual school (Polish and English)
  • The school offers classes with a native speaker, selected regular classes are conducted in English, students participate in international projects in cooperation with partner schools
  • Every student from the beginning starts learning English intensively, including language education in accordance with CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). Students have science and art classes in English and learn about English-speaking countries (culture and literature). Students in older classes will also learn English phrases, specialist terminology during mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics classe

Bilingualism at H2H

Bilingualism practitioners and researchers claim that a child is naturally bilingual if they are exposed to two languages. Therefore, in our school we teach in two languages, Polish and English. Beginning from pre-school class ‘zero’ throughout primary and secondary education we ensure that our students are immersed in the English language.

What makes bilingualism at H2H unique?

It is a multifaceted approach, teaching methods, quality of lessons, and most importantly, the number of lessons conducted in English in a week.

General English – A course where students discover the beauty of the English language. We focus on developing all four language skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening), broadening vocabulary, and ensuring our students are not only fluent, but also accurate.

Extracurricular English – These are four extracurricular obligatory lessons (description here). Our aim is to immerse our students in English, also provide them with engaging activities and instilling interest in various areas such as science, culture or art.

CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning – The curriculum subject content (at H2H: maths, physics, biology and chemistry) is taught through English.

Interdisciplinary Projects – The name is pretty self-explanatory. Our aim is for the students to perceive English language as a tool for communicating valuable cultural and subject content. We place great importance on international collaboration, video conferences amongst others.

English Outside the Classroom – We ensure that our students communicate with their language teachers in English (or other foreign languages) outside the classroom, e.g. canteen, corridor, field trip.

English in H2H

Admission process


  • Contact Human to Human School to learn more in English or Polish and to schedule an appointment:, +48 736 362 676

The age range of students

Children aged 6-15 and 15-18

“We give our students the feeling that school is a place where they can learn, feel the joy of success, discover their potential and possibilities. Competent and experienced teachers are professionals who know how to lead a student to fully develop his/her potential and talent.”